Calendars, puzzles and canvases

Puzzle Cologne by night
Puzzle Cologne by night available at Calvendo, Amazon and Moluna
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Calendar A year full of suqirrels 2024
Calendar "Ein Jahr voller Hörnchen" (A year full of squirrels) available at Calvendo, Amazon, Thalia,
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Calendar Colourful Cuba 2024
Calendar "Farbenfrohes Kuba" (Colourful Cuba) available at Calvendo, Thalia, Amazon, Moluna...
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Calendar Cologne 2024
Calendar of Cologne
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Calendar rodents 2024
Calender of cute rodents -2024
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Puzzle of Dougla's squirrel
1000 pieces
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Canvas Maligne Lake, Canada
Available in different sizes
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Unleash your wanderlust and connect with the wonders of nature with our exclusive collection of calendars, puzzles, and prints. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of wildlife and travel destinations, right in the comfort of your own home.

📅 Calendars That Inspire Adventure Turn every month into a journey of discovery with our stunning wildlife and travel calendars. Each month showcases a mesmerizing photograph, transporting you to some of the world’s most beautiful places or showcasing the wonders of wildlife. 

🧩 Puzzles That Piece Together Memories Embark on a puzzle-solving adventure like no other. Our wildlife and travel-themed puzzles are not just games; they are windows to the world. Piece by piece, these puzzles reveal awe-inspiring landscapes, majestic animals, and iconic landmarks. Challenge your mind while rediscovering the beauty of our planet.

🖼️ Prints That Bring the World to Your Walls Transform your living space into a gallery of wanderlust with our exquisite prints. Choose from a variety of sizes and frames to suit your style. Whether you prefer a close-up of a majestic bald eagle, a panoramic view of a remote mountain range, or a serene sunset over Cologne’s skyline, our prints will add a touch of adventure to your decor.